Friday, June 12, 2015


My beloved cherry tree lost one of its larger limbs yesterday. Unfortunately it was the branch that the wren house had been anchored to. When I went over to inspect the damage, I found the birdhouse had fallen topsy turvy, spilling out the contents of the nest inside - five nestlings, just born, wiggling and opening their tiny beaks.

As the mother wren chattered above me, I managed to get four of the five babies back into the house. The fifth baby didn't make it. I took the opportunity to inspect the bird and marvel at the miniature wings and feet. I buried it under the violets.

I rehung the birdhouse close to where it was originally. I watched the mother return and look but not enter the structure. She did this numerous times as I held by breath hoping she would go in. But as I stepped outside this morning, I am happy to report she was flying back and forth, going in and out, feeding all her babies.

FYI :  It is a myth that a bird will not return to a baby that has been handled by humans. So ALWAYS return one to its nest if possible. If it's a fledgling and the environment is safe (no cats around), leave it where you find it and the parents will take care of it.


  1. Glad you were there to save those babies. Imagine the mother trying to raise her brood without your assistance! The one that is easier to see how birds evolved from dinosaurs looking at it's tiny form.

  2. This may sound terrible but it is interesting to be able to look at this bird at this stage. And yes, right out of Jurassic World!