Thursday, June 18, 2015

What We Do For Fun

Last night, a photographer friend of mine and I drove over the bridge to Hatteras Island to the old Frisco Pier. Storms have ravaged the structure and the next one will probably take it down completely. We went with a purpose, to watch the Milky Way rise in an arch above us and over the pier which will soon be lost in time. I have never seen anything quite like it; a swath of milky stars, more than I've ever seen before, above the ocean, arching over our heads. As soon as my friend posts the photographs from last night, I'll share a link so you can see what I saw.

All the way down to Frisco, I watched this cloud change shape and take on various colors. I couldn't sketch it while driving since I'm one of those people that get sick if I try to read anything in a moving vehicle. So when I returned home around midnight, I did a quick sketch as a remembrance.

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