Sunday, July 26, 2015


Lately I've had lots of visitors at The Crooked Little House. I spent part of yesterday morning sketching outside and painting a plein air cloudscape as well as watching all the action going on in the bushes and vines and trees. I had butterflies, fly catchers, bees, spiders, and my cardinal for company.

This red boy spent quite a bit of time bouncing along the fence so I decided to stop painting for awhile and ran inside to grab my camera. I can always use more reference pics of cardinals. I snapped a couple of shots then went back to painting.

When I loaded the images onto the computer, I noticed what I had captured. This poor little mantis didn't pray hard enough I guess since he ended up being brunch. I love praying mantis but I also love birds. Everyone must feed so it's the way of nature. And I'd be a hypocrite if I said otherwise since I myself like a good burger from time to time.

Copyright E.M. Corsa 2015
Copyright E.M. Corsa 2015


  1. Thanks Rhonda. I'm actually a terrible photographer and didn't know what I had till I uploaded them. I just finished a painting from the first image, though I doubt anyone will buy it!!!