Sunday, July 19, 2015

Time ...

I have a lot of new ventures going on this year. It's now time to begin preparing for the fall shows. I have four big ones ahead of me. In an effort to offer something new and exciting, I developed my line of "Between Heaven and Earth" which includes original paintings, cards, book marks and a line of brooches using bits and pieces of vintage jewelry. I feel the market can become saturated at times with our work and it's important to be flexible and offer a fresh look if you want to continue to acquire new clients and delight the ones you already have.

This is a new segment from that line using vintage watches. This one will be put back into its casing and incorporated into a brooch at some point. It has pieces of egg shells I have found in my year (the blue is robin; not sure what the speckled one is.) There is a vintage cross and pearl, a piece of a feather and even an old piece of text from a falling-apart bible from 1862. (I already made one for myself!)

A Wing and a Prayer   Copyright E.M. Corsa 2015

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