Friday, August 7, 2015

The Goddess

John Riddick is one of my blessings. He is a young artist I met a couple of years ago right before he relocated to Charleston, SC.  I saw a piece of his work at a show where he took the Excellence award and I was hooked. Some of you may recall a piece of art John had given me a year or so ago - a large heart with a spider and a bird inside. It hangs in a prominent spot in my living room.

Well, my blessing showed up for a visit yesterday bringing me another gift - the Goddess. She now adorns the wall of my dining room. I am amazed at the emotion and love that John puts into his work as well as his technical ability.

And of course, this Goddess could definitely reside, Between Heaven and Earth. Thank you John.

The Goddess by John Riddick  2015

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