Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Little Magic

This is not a good photograph. But there was a stiff breeze blowing and it was the best I could get.

People are always amazed at what I learn and share from The Crooked Little House. Yes. TCLH is a magical place, no doubt about it,BUT there is magic everywhere. One must just be aware and take the time to look around you, not just at eye level, but above and below.

This tiny spider, no bigger than a deer tick, has chosen to place his web near a potted plant under the pergola. While the wind blew, enough to rattle his silken home, I watched as he tucked his tiny legs in close to his body to withstand the wind. I've seen writing spiders being battered by the wind, legs splayed, hanging in place.  I had no idea spiders could or would tuck in except when meeting their demise when they curl up to half their size, and maybe it's only this little one that does.

I know I am easily amused by nature. But I call this magical, don't you?

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