Monday, November 9, 2015

Daily Rituals

Today was a day of frustration; computer issues, car issues, but most annoying of all, the phone call to my insurance company. We've all been there - trying to connect with a real person and being told your wait time will be a zillion hours. You know if you hang up it won't be any better the next time you try so you might as well settle in for the long haul.

One of my daily practices has always been to sit quietly for few minutes of meditation in the morning while I do an intuitive drawing. (Hey, I am an artist after all.) I use these drawings to answer questions  and just to give me a heads up for what's ahead each day. I have always believed there are forces we can connect with to help us through this journey, whether you call it God or some other name, I do not think we have to go it alone. I find this is one way for me to connect to that force.

I close my eyes and when I feel ready, I begin to draw with my non-dominant hand and stop when the time feels right. I then gaze at the drawing and see what it wants to tell me. I do these drawings in a sketchbook, marked with the date and notes. Sometimes it takes a couple of days to see what the meaning was and sometimes it's as plain as the coffee cup sitting in front of me subliminally saying, "Drink Me."

I have been asked over and over to share some of these drawings. So at the risk of being thought of as just another crazy artist, I'll open my sketchbook for you. This morning, while tethered to the phone, I did my daily ritual. Here's today's drawing along with some others from past notebooks. You might want to give this a try.

Today showed a person fishing from a boat, perhaps fishing for answers which is what I was doing. Eventually I "caught" my answer and was satisfied. (This was done on the insurance envelope and pasted into my book.) An elephant also appeared with a sickle and the letter F. This is the third time an elephant has appeared this week so there must be some significance. The elephant stands for wisdom, power and royalty. We'll see how this plays out.

You can read the notes from later in the day on this next one. It makes perfect sense though I didn't see it at the time I drew it.

I have left my notes off of this one because of the nature of the issue. I had drawn this in the morning and felt uneasy all day. It looked like someone in a hospital bed with a lifeline of sorts. I later found out someone close to me had been rushed to the hospital unexpectedly and died a few days later. I am sharing this to ask you to open your mind and give this a try.

I find this one extremely interesting. I had been trying to decide whether to drive down to an event on Hatteras Island or not. The road is tricky and if it should rain heavily there could be problems getting home. The weather report told me all would be fine but after this drawing I decided to pay attention and stay home. You can tell from my notes, it was a good decision. Night brought a brightly shining moon and high tide, and there were big problems on the road.

So the next time you feel blocked or want to try something a bit different, sit quietly and give this a go. I've been asked to draw for other people and have had stunning results.

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