Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Foiled Again

I had every intention yesterday of getting out of the house early so I could get the errands done and get back to the studio. Every second is crucial between shows this close together. Time must be spent restocking and that means producing more of some items. But once again I was foiled, by a Sharp-shinned Hawk, and I found myself sitting on the floor near the window in my pjs, ten feet away from a gorgeous bird, sunning himself atop my pergola.

I've always had these beauties at The Crooked Little House. One can usually be found around two in the afternoon sitting in the pine tree looking for an afternoon snack of dove. Occasionally they will sit on the pergola, but only for a few minutes. But yesterday, he stayed for 25 minutes, plenty of time to sketch and photograph.

I ended up leaving the house at 10:30 am.


  1. How cool! I scared off a large hawk (redtailed, I think) this morning from the deck - he (or she) was waiting for a snack but I foiled it again. Beautiful birds, though...they have to eat and we have so many doves, I don't begrudge a few...I wonder if hawks or cats get more birds? We've had 3 cats roaming the area and ending up on my deck in the last 2 weeks - I shoo them off but I'm not mean (except they get fed inside and don't need to eat my birds to live).

    1. I'm with you, I shoo the cats away too. I rarely find a mound of feathers and from the congregation on my deck each morning, I don't think the hawks or cats are getting many. I too feel the hawks must eat and don't have a problem with it at all, cycle of life.