Saturday, November 14, 2015

Bathroom Beauty

I stopped by my favorite antique shop recently, Southern Soldier Antiques in Nags Head. This shop has the warmest owners and best offerings ever. As I walked into the second room, I felt someone staring at me.

I turned around, looked up and saw the most beautiful woman in a flowing gown holding a large blossom. She quickly averted her gaze but I knew she was secretly hoping I'd take her off the shelf, away from the dragon chandelier which I was also tempted to purchase. and take her home.  I did. She is made of chalk ware and rather tall, (and I'll say this quietly), quite heavy.

She now resides in my main bathroom where she can forever admire herself in the mirror while holding her flower which I filled with crystals. I have promised her, no dragons will share her space.

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