Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Packing Up

a small portion of my set-up
Today I am spending every minute packing up all my wares for a two day show. Set up is tomorrow at noon. I forget how much work it all is. My back is already aching and I haven't even loaded the car yet. Will I still be able to do this in ten years? Is it worth it? Absolutely YES.

I love show season. I have such fun creating my own portable shop, fiddling with new ways to display merchandise, table cloths, all the little extras that hopefully will set your display apart from all the others. Your success doesn't just depend on the quality of the work, you must first get customers to stop and come "into" your booth.

Yes it's an enormous amount of work; building inventory, physically lugging everything, hoping it will all fit into the car. This year I splurged on a Magna Cart. This thing is fabulous. It is a handcart that weighs only 7 pounds, sets up in seconds, and folds down to a flat few inches. And it can haul 150 pounds.

The benefits of killing yourself for a couple of days you ask?  You meet fabulous people which may turn into serious, dedicated collectors, there's usually great food at these events, and best of all: all the money you make comes home with you! Give it a go if you've got the stamina.

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