Saturday, December 19, 2015

Down for the Count

I have never participated in a bird count before but decided this year I would do so with a local group. I must say, it was one of the most enjoyable days I've ever had. I got to sit outside wrapped in a blanket, cup of hot coffee in hand, sketch book nearby and really observe all the goings on at The Crooked Little House for most of the day. The sun was out, a Bald Eagle flew overhead, Tree Swallows appeared and my beloved Painted Bunting spent most of the day here. One mystery though; I spotted four birds I couldn't identify and it's driving me crazy!

I put my chair in a far corner of the deck with a plant in front hoping the birds wouldn't notice me as much when they came to the feeders. 
It actually worked for a little while.

Tools of choice.

These are very fast, rough sketches so don't judge harshly please.

Of course by midday, my hawk appeared, scaring everyone into hiding. He would leave and then return, keeping this up for most of the afternoon. But the birds managed to get to the feeders
 during the safe times.

Erb did his part by keeping count from the window.

And as usual, there's always one in every bunch.


  1. Love these, especially Erb in the window :). Well done - I hope you can get someone to tell you what those mystery birds were.

    1. Me too! The only two types of birds they looked like do not frequent our area - ever. Even the experts at the meeting tonight were stumped!