Saturday, January 23, 2016

For the Love of Books

Each January I begin the dreaded task of cleaning out the studio. I pull everything out of drawers and sort through it, deciding what ephemera I will keep. I poke through tubes of paint and jars of mediums to determine what is still viable. And I immerse myself in the closet that houses all my packing and shipping supplies to see what boxes I might be able to recycle. I also like to weed out the bookshelves chock full of art books and magazines.

This year I came across two older sketchbooks of mine I had forgotten all about. Each one is filled with original drawings and paintings and notes.  
(I believe I had written a post about  them years ago.) As a lover of books, when I come across an old vintage book with a beautiful cover, I turn it into a sketchbook. Sometimes I sell them, other times they are so personal I decide to keep them. Mostly these books are theme oriented, unlike my everyday sketchbook. Looking back through these made me remember how much I enjoyed creating these volumes, and now with a tidy studio, I may just begin another book or two. 
I'll keep you posted.


  1. So lovely and what a great way to recycle those old books. I'm still laughing about your comment on my blog about becoming freeze-dried to stop the aging process :). Sorry you got snow - it really was a doozy this time and hit so many southern areas before sliding up the east coast like a long white python! Stay safe and warm :). Spring will come - and not that far away although it often feels like it won't ever return again..

  2. Luckily we got a little snow and now the sun is shining brightly and the last of it is gone; pretty while it lasted. I have to say Rhonda, that at almost 64 (I have a real birthday this year, Feb 29th), I have never been happier. I have finally dropped out of the race - don't feel that need to accomplish or reach certain "goals", just enjoy creating. Funny thing is, I still have to make a living with my art but once I "gave up" the race, I have had more sales than ever. Makes one think.