Saturday, January 2, 2016

Hang a Star for 2016

I don't see my children very often since they both live relatively far away. But this year, my oldest son Josh and his girlfriend Jessica were here for the New Year. One of our family traditions has always been to write our wishes for the new year on a piece of paper and tie them onto the branch of my wild cherry tree. This allows the winds to carry our hopes and dreams off into the universe, fulfilling wishes and granting desires.

I don't take this lightly. I don't write things like bring me a new car or more money. These desires should have more substance to them, something to make our lives or our world a better place. I give it some thought, and I was pleased to see Josh and Jess doing  the same this morning.  Since my youngest, Zach and his wife Denise, couldn't join us this year, I mailed two paper stars to them. They will (hopefully) write their wishes and return them for me to hang in the tree. And throughout the month of January, anyone who visits The Crooked Little House will be offered a star to write on and hang in the tree. By the end of January, when the last of leaves have dropped, I hope to see a star-studded tree full of hope.

So here's a few pics I thought you might enjoy. It is a lovely way to begin a new year.

Josh always climbs to the highest point to hang his star. Either he doesn't want anyone to see it or he feels he has an advantage with the winds.

Jessica prefers to hang hers on the hill near the empty birdhouse.

Two more stars join the galaxy.

So my friends, stop by and hang your stars for 2016.


  1. What a lovely tradition. Thank you for sharing this one. I enjoyed catching up on some of your previous posts too. Have a wonderful New Year.

    1. Thank you Debbie! Two more stars just joined the others a few minutes ago. Happy New Year to you too!!!

  2. What a great way to begin the new year!! I may have to make a star and send it to you to hang with the others, but I'll think carefully about what I truly want this year - what is important and not just something I want...a secret wish, a dream, a goal that has never been fulfilled...hanging on that tree and blowing in the wind among the birds...I can see it now!

    1. I wish you would! I don't read them, promise. And I'll take a pic of where it is hung. Go read my Facebook post from yesterday, and you'll see others are sending them too. My address is posted there also. This goes through the month of January. I would be honored Rhonda.