Friday, January 8, 2016

Wanna Play?

A few weeks ago, a friend I just became reacquainted with, surprised me by telling me he still had and treasured a handmade business card I had given him about 15 years ago. I had gotten hold of a pack of vintage, nude women, playing cards and added elaborate clothing to the girls. Some of the gals were already adorned with leopard-patterned hats and spike heels so I only needed to add a few feathers and that did the job. Others required a bit more fashion designing. Eventually, I had handed them all out and I never gave it another thought. I had hoped because they were handmade, they would be be kept a bit longer than the regular cards. but I never considering creating more.

So after Brad showed me his girly handmade card I decided to make more for those special times when you really want to make an impression that won't be easily forgotten or end up in the trash can that evening. I acquired a batch of vintage cards with an image of a lady riding a hippocampus (sea horse with a beautiful finned tail), perfect for an island-dwelling girl. Combined with my images and info, I think this makes for a interesting and fun card don't you? Plus, each one is an original piece of art!


  1. What fun and what a creative impression you've made - and will make!! Love them :)