Thursday, February 25, 2016

Heart Flutters

You all know my passion for birds and collecting antique maps and charts. This one is a German medical chart of the heart. This brought to mind all the other things a heart does besides pump blood throughout our body. Our hearts soar at a new dawn on a spring day, sigh with the smell of a newborn and flutter at a first kiss. So this is my tribute to that magnificent, beating organ lodged in our chest. May it continue to bring joy.

Copyright E.M. Corsa  2016


  1. Very interesting combination for this one but you're right - our heart flutters for many reasons, both good and bad, and seeing our first hummingbird of the season is a good one :) It will be a long time before that happens here - maybe May? But it will happen, as it always does, and that same excitement will be there when the first vibrations of the wings are heard.

  2. I'm lucky; I have hummingbirds year round though of course I have more when my trumpet vine is in bloom. They seem to like the blossoms on the rosemary bush though.