Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I Smell Spring

Spring comes early to my island. Though the temperatures are still cold and raw, and the wind can be brutal as you try to open your car door in a wide open parking lot, I can smell the new season toeing its way in. It creeps ever so slowly with my mockingbird becoming very territorial and my mouse now vacating his nest in the birdhouse. The purple weeds that I don't know the name of are springing up on the hill and the Yaupon bush has it's gorgeous red berries.

With Easter coming so early this year, I am busy as a bee in the studio, creating new paintings, hand made books and jewelry. It seems all the artists are now putting their images on everything from coffee cups to cutting boards to tiles, and that's fine for them. But I want a piece of myself to be in every offering this year so all my items are hand crafted by me alone. It's time consuming but I am so proud of the work. This year I've added hand made blank books adorned with my fanciful animals. Lots of springy things like butterflies and bunnies, birds and beetles.

So when the cold wind blows and the temperatures plummet, keep in mind, Spring is just around the corner by the cherry tree.

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