Thursday, February 11, 2016

It's Coming

The tourist season officially opens for us Easter week. With the holiday arriving early this year, I'm incredibly busy in the studio. Buddha is supervising while still guarding his precious beryl crystal on the work table. Erb...well, he's napping. This is the time of year when anticipation and excitement creep in, wondering how my new offerings will be received.

You can just see Buddha's crystal under his chin. He has claimed this as his from day one. My brother and I dug this crystal and many more at a secret spot in Massachusetts. I think it's just the right size for a chin rest for Buddha.

I'm adding to my stack of handmade Air Angel Map Books so I'll be ready to ship 
them out for Easter gifts and to my galleries.

Original Air Angel paintings sit patiently, waiting to be framed while their cousins, 
the Air Angel Pins wait to be packaged.

And my vintage spools are getting restless, hoping to be delivered soon to shops and homes.

So much to do this time of year. Glad I have Buddha to keep me in line.