Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Early Bird

My Red-Wing Blackbirds always inspire me. Since they are the first spring bird I usually see, I did this painting of my early bird. Can you guess what all the worms are along the top?

Here are some of the elements I've included in the painting, almost all published in the 1800s or the turn of the century. There is a piece of a spine from a book on the left along with a little original bee sketch of mine. The two birdies are from an old childrens book from the 1800s as is the beetle illustration and text on fireflies. The eggs and almanac are also from the 1800s. The bug house ticket is newer, 1950s, and the dragonfly paper is handmade. Lastly, the spiderweb behind the beetles is a copy of a real one I captured early in the morning near my pergola.


  1. Love this!!! I saw my first redwing today and it's snowing like huge feather pillows being poured out - big fat flakes - but there he was on the table with the cardinals, bluejays, grackles and doves :) As for the worms...I get earthworm and inchworm but the first one? You're gonna have to tell me because I know it's not a bloodworm! ha ha

    1. But it is a bloodworm! She has an old-fashioned nurse's hat and the Type O is my blood type. On the far right, hard to see, is a glowworm.