Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Flick of a Switch

It's like a flick of a switch, one glance heavenward and I'm hooked. Racing through the house, paints and paper in hand, I fly out the front door to the table under the pergola. I swipe off the leftover bird seed, throw my supplies on the table and begin to try to capture the drama of the sky above before it morphs into something else.

These plein air cloudscapes usually end up as backdrops for my air angel paintings but I must say, every once in a while, one appears on my paper that I know will be hard to sacrifice. Very few people purchase my cloudscapes. People like them but not enough to own one. They want my animals. And to be honest, my air angels wouldn't be the same without those skies behind them. But oh, this one will be hard to use as a backup subject.

March 21, 2016   12:40 pm  SW  cool and breezy

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