Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Greening of The Crooked Little House

Everything is turning into shades of green, and the fine weather has lured me to the local nursery to select some lavender for my favorite eggplant colored urn. "They" say lavender helps keep one emotionally and psychically balanced by activating energy within and the aura without. It is a plant associated with Midsummer Eve, perfect for the Goddess party I usually hold. It's also believed that wherever lavender grows there will always be much faerie and elf activity.

It appears The Crooked Little House is laden with magical plants. My rosemary has been blooming for 20 years. I planted it when it was only about 4 inches tall. Rosemary offers protection and healing. I always put a sprig in my pillowcase because I love falling asleep to the smell. In the "olden times" it would be hung over the doorways to keep negative energy and spirits away. I don't worry much about that. The Crooked Little House has nothing negative anywhere near it. Rosemary too is linked to the kingdom of nature spirits and elves. And it is said to bring clarity to the mind and stimulate creativity.
I think it might actually work for the creativity part.

My trumpet vine now has tiny leaves along the vines and honeysuckle has joined up with it to decorate the pergola. Soon the honeysuckle will blossom and the air will carry the sweet fragrance through the open windows, permeating the house, an event I look forward to all year. Honeysuckle too attracts faeries and elves though personally I have never seen one. This plant stimulates dreams and psychic energy and supposedly sharpens the intuition.

So you would think with all these magical plants at The Crooked Little House (a magical place anyways) I would see something, some evidence of a faery or nature sprite. Well, look carefully at these photographs I took this morning. Imagine my surprise at what I found. Someone left, or lost, a jewel and feather encrusted shoe amidst the honeysuckle vine. Anything's possible.


  1. Ah, I imagine she'll be back for that lovely shoe :) And everything here is turning green - that bright, lime-yellow sharp green that says spring! Although I have no green thumb and have given up planting anything that won't grow without any attention at all. I do so love the smell of rosemary...

  2. I can only grow a few things, mostly herbs. Oh, and she's not getting that shoe back!