Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Lure of Spring

My friend Judy stopped by yesterday. As we were walking to her car we spotted this nest about 7 feet high in the wax myrtle tree. I've been seeing my mockingbird hanging around this spot for a few days now. Could this be his construction?

A bit messy with bits and pieces of plastic waving in the wind, it still is a welcoming sign of spring and rebirth. Now I know it's there,
I'll be able to spy on the babies, whoever they may be.

I also saw my first hummingbird of the season two days ago. He arrived at the pergola and began poking his nose into all the tube feeders. He left disappointed and no doubt hungry.

So I hurried up and hung the feeder from the bee bush. The contraption at the top is my brother's anti-ant invention - a plastic top from a paint can with a hole drilled through the middle and reinforced with glue. I then fill it with water and the ants can't get down to the food. Do the birds care about the ants? I really don't know. But my brother is pretty knowledgeable about these things so...

I had worried that my quince wouldn't come back from our fake spring in January which caused it to break out in blooms, but here we are with many more  luscious buds forming. It's so hard to stay in the studio on days like this.

Ah spring.


  1. Oh, you must be having warm and wonderful weather!! We won't have hummers until late April/early May around here but something to think about = getting the feeder ready for spring.

  2. It was 80 degrees today; too much warmth too soon though. We do however have some hummers that stick around all winter.