Sunday, April 3, 2016

My One and Only

I only have one squirrel at The Crooked Little House. He shows up around 9 in the morning, looking for spilled sunflower seeds from the feeder hanging off the pergola. He knows the finches are messy and surely there will be a feast left for him. I don't know why there is only one squirrel here; everyone else says they have lots of them.

Yesterday morning, right on cue, my little beast appears, only this time, he climbs atop a decorative iron piece that sits in an urn sharing space with a trumpet vine, rosemary and a sculpture of Anemi, the Greek God of Winds. And at the top rests a pair of antlers my brother had sent me long ago. He had found them on a walk in the woods. Well my squirrel took a liking to them and began to chew.

I have never seen this behavior in my squirrel. These antlers have been on plain view for years and he has never paid any attention to them. But it allowed me a chance to get some pics through the (dirty) window, not great ones but enough to create a new painting with my squirrel as the subject.

I wanted to do some sketches but was too interested in seeing what he was doing to bother to go to the studio and grab my book. He remained on the antlers, happily chewing away for around 10 minutes, then he went in search of sunflower seeds.


  1. Not sure why you just have one squirrel but I'm sure he's a special one :) Perhaps he was getting some extra salt or other minerals in the bone? I've had squirrels (usually young ones) lick the bottom of the birdbath as if they are getting something off of it but don't see that behavior often. Looking forward to seeing him show up in your artwork and wonder what he will be wearing :)

  2. Aha, thanks for your insight. I'll bet that's exactly what's going on. Not sure what part he'll play in my little world yet; maybe an earth angel with a glorious halo.