Monday, May 30, 2016

Happy Memorial Day

I have my Dad's sailor hat. It hangs in my foyer as if waiting for him to grab it as he walks out the door. Many of you have seen it in my paintings such as on this octopus. It's my way of remembering and honoring him, not just as a dad but as one who served his country.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Feeling Feathered

After a nice long break, I am finally all caught up with my commitments and can spend a little time on this blog. I've missed it and you.
my mantle
other side of the mantle

By now, you all know my fondness for birds. You've seen my sketches, my air angels, birds with hats, etc. It was only reasonable that eventually I would do something with feathers. I simply cannot walk by a feather lying on the ground and not pick it up. To me, it would be an insult to the bird that left it there for me. I always heard that when you find a white feather, it meant an angel was near.

So here's a peek at my newest project; cut feathers adorned with my images on them to be used as tags, ornaments or just to hang from a chandelier to catch a gentle pass of air.

"feathers" drying
some finished ones

an owl "feather" hanging from my chandelier