Saturday, June 11, 2016

A Desire Met

There is an artist I have been admiring for some years now. I have never had the opportunity to meet her in person. We tried a few times but our schedules never seemed to sync up. Until last night.

My artist friends, John and Chris Riddick were here for a visit this weekend and their friends, Amber and Branden drove up from Hatteras Island to see them while they were staying at my house. Amber happens to be the artist I have been so eager to meet. It was one of the most enjoyable evenings I've had in a long time.

One of the perks of artists getting together is trading work. Amber paints on feathers. I know other people do this but I have never seen the skill or choice of subject matter executed as beautifully as through her hands. I saw a feather of hers a while back that I fell in love with. I can't recall why I didn't purchase it at the time but I didn't. Perhaps I didn't have the extra money. So last night she arrived at my house, feather in hand, since we had talked about a trade and, yes, it was THE feather I had been pining for. It is a snake, cottonmouth I think. I personally like snakes and this feather is just remarkable. Amber and Branden chose two of my pocket shrines to take home.

Now John as you may recall always brings me gifts of his work because he knows I'm crazy over it. I especially love the work with religious icons and symbolism. But this time, we are trading. John and Chris lost their beloved dog Windy recently so I am going to do a portrait of her in exchange for this lovely Madonna. I have always had a special place in my heart for Mary, and here she is surrounded by hearts, holding her rose and draped with Tiffany blue.

I so love young artists. They have all my respect. Unlike many of the artists my age, they haven't "given up," just painting what will appeal to the tourists. I truly believe if you create what's in your heart, there will be a market for it. And these four artists are proof of just that. They are still excited and inspired, even if the end result isn't what they had hoped for. Being an artist is also about the process, maybe even more so than the finished piece. These four people are true artists. I urge you to visit their sites. The easiest way is to go to my Facebook page:  and scroll down to my Liked By This Page. Then click on these two listings: Red Tail Arts and Black Market Metalwork. You can also acquire their work at SeaDragon Gallery in the Waterfront Shops in Duck, NC and at Yellowhouse Gallery in Nags Head, NC.

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