Saturday, June 4, 2016


A few weeks ago, a man asked if I had any elephant paintings. I've done a few in the past and they have all sold. So I got to thinking, why not muster up some courage and tackle some new subject matter - like another elephant. I have lots of pics from spending quality time with the elephants and giraffes at the Norfolk Zoo "behind the scenes" thanks to a couple of fun zookeepers.

So this painting is called Courage; not for the mouse but for the elephant. Pliny the Elder is credited with first saying that elephants are afraid of mice. Most people take this as a myth, but Myth Busters did a segment on this topic and found that elephants are indeed startled by mice.

I will share this painting in steps since many of you have said you enjoy seeing the process.

I realize it's a bit hard to see but I began with a simple sketch and floated in my background colors.


  1. Didn't take long to see the outline of the tiny mousie and the big elephant - looking forward to seeing this one come together, and that's the truth! ha ha

  2. You're cracking me up Edith Ann!