Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Fancy Felines

Now that the heat and humidity have set in, the windows are kept closed most of the time. This does not sit well with Buddha and Erb who usually spend the majority of their day sitting in the bedroom window watching the birdbath and sniffing the breeze. They have a lot of toys but are bored with every one of them. So what's a parent to do you ask? Let them play dress-up of course.

Here they are, dressed as catfish, complete with adornments.

But whatever will I find for them to do tomorrow??????????

All Artwork Copyright E.M. Corsa 


  1. LOL!!! You do have a way with keeping them busy and occupied! ha ha Yes, heat and humidity here now, too - ugh.

  2. It's steamy now. Cats still bored. How's that bee painting coming along?