Saturday, June 18, 2016

Happy Brothers, I Mean Fathers Day

My brother John and long time partner Sharon.
My sons' father pretty much was out of their lives before they even hit double digit birthdays, other than some occasional weekend visits. Once we relocated to NC, he never visited once, and phone calls were few and far between.

When I look at my two remarkable sons, one of which you have become all too familiar with this past week, the credit doesn't go to his father. A good portion of it goes to my brother who stepped in to give my boys a wonderful role model. So today, even though I had a fabulous dad, I am thinking of my brother John.

He was the one who took my boys digging for crystals, had us join him to go camping, fishing, and a million other things I could name. My brother John is perhaps the most generous and kind person I know besides my children. I miss him terribly. He lives in New England and I live on an island in NC. We talk a lot but it's not the same as being able to hug him.

So John, Happy Father/Brother/Substitute Dad Day. I Love You and thank you
for always being there.

My brother John and myself with my dad.

John and myself with our dog Tuffy on the skating rink my dad made each winter for us.

I believe this was Easter Sunday, off to church.
At Rocky Neck Beach.

Josh, Sharon and my brother walking our beach in Kill Devil Hills.


  1. Awwww... Zach always thinks of John on Father's Day. I hope he has a good one.

  2. Thanks Sweetie. I'm think of you and Zach and Josh today as well as John, hoping you are all coping as best you can with the changes in your lives. I love all of you so much.

  3. Well, from what we have recently learned about your son in Orlando, I'd say your brother stepped up and did a wonderful job helping raise 2 boys :) And so did you!!

  4. I am so very proud, not just of the lives he saved but of what kind of heart he and his brother have. And yes, my wonderful brother has had a part in that. Thank you for the kind words.