Friday, June 3, 2016

One is the loneliest number...

Being an artist is a lonely business. If you work at a home studio as I do you can go for days without seeing another of your own species. The children have grown and gone and I am no longer part of a couple which leaves me with two cats, and they are not very good conversationalists.

I have friends of course, but they don't always understand what life is like for me. I cannot just drop everything and spend the afternoon having coffee and chatting. And I work a lot. With the studio in the house, I am constantly drawn in, even in the middle of the night.

But part of what makes this life so wonderful is a group of three other women that are also artists working at home. We meet once a week to discuss marketing, share new work, plan shows and just talk art. It revives me, inspires me and I would be lost without them.

Yesterday we celebrated two of their birthdays. And despite all the cake and coffee and gifts we still gravitated to the subject of an upcoming show.

The reason our group works is that it is a priority for all of us, no excuses. It's every bit as valuable as getting a new account or buying supplies. So here's pics of my three friends at my dining room table: Mary Ann, an abstract/collage artist, Lee, a watercolorist and mural painter and Belinda, who does the most incredible work with markers.

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