Thursday, June 9, 2016

Sea Fans

Does anyone remember the old church fans? It was a simple paddle fan that could bring a breath of a breeze to your face inside a packed church hosting hot air and perfume. These fans were a God send, helping to keep people from fainting during a long winded service.

I've spent many a night outside under my pergola wishing for one of those fans. And I have a two-day outdoor show coming up where the only shade and cool air will come by way of the oak trees I'll be positioned under.

I so enjoy creating new ways to use my work. So I decided to make my own fan with one of my sea themed images. And I found people liked the first one I made so much, I'm making a batch to sell at the show. If anyone's ever been to the Outer Banks during the summer you know what I'm talking about when I say heat and humidity. So now, look me up and get one of my Sea Fans to take to the beach with you.

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