Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sizzilin' Show

I just came off a two day show. It was held in a beautiful area with other fantastic artists. People purchased my originals, feathers, charms and shrines. I was of course very grateful, especially when customers purchased Earth Angel charms for my fundraiser for the Orlando Regional Medical Center Trauma Unit. The temperatures were the hottest we've had; in the 90s. I was quickly reminded of why I don't do outdoor shows anymore.

The highlight of the day for me was when a young man, perhaps 14 years old or so, stood reading my son's blog while his family members shopped. When he was done he looked at me and said. "I don't understand how someone could this." Why was this the highlight of my day you ask? Because it gave me hope. If this sweet boy could feel that, that means there are many, many others who must feel the same way. Perhaps their generation will have the courage to actually do something to make a difference.

I cried a lot during these two days when people wanted to talk about my son. Sure wish I had had a Octotini!


  1. An Octotini? Only YOU would come up with something like that! ha ha LOVE IT. So glad your show was a success - and yes, at this time of year, it's just too hot hot hot :( But soon we'll be missing summer and wondering where it went. Still amazed at the story of your son and all he's done to help and help spread the word - and you, too, spreading the word. We so quickly forget and move on - how can we be so cold??

  2. Because we're human and not perfect. Hopefully we learn from our mistakes. Josh is doing better. He's in the middle of interviewing for his Fellowship so that keeps his mind occupied.

    Glad you like my Octotini!!!