Saturday, June 25, 2016

Time to Ponder

Anyone who knows me knows I would rather be outside, puttering around the yard, rather than doing housework. So this cooler, cloudy morning was just perfect to get outside and pull some weeds, cut grass and think. It's been a difficult couple of weeks, my son in Orlando, my youngest son relocating farther away, a brutally hot, outdoor show which gave me the gift of a terrible case of poison ivy and a friend whom I am concerned about.

So as I puttered, I was thinking how everyone always says they wish they could do something to help, but inevitably they don't do anything. My friend is going through a stressful time. I cannot take over her duties or relieve the stress. But what I can do is be sure she is taking care of herself. So, lousy cook that I am, I am going to prepare her a couple of home made meals each week when she works late through our busy tourist season. My thoughts are, preparing a meal will be one less thing she has on her plate to do. And hey, no one has actually died from my cooking...yet.
So when your friend is tired or stressed or overwhelmed, do something, bake something, write her or him a letter, just do something!

So after the thinking I stood quietly, emptied my mind and just listened and watched. The Crooked Little House robins perched in the wild cherry tree; youngsters I think, so full of themselves. My squirrel too was eyeing me from the same tree. And Mama Wren constantly made food runs to the bird house where very loud peeps emerged. And my bravest squirrel posed on the railing.

Life is still good.

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