Friday, July 29, 2016

Quick Change

Even on these sweltering hot days and nights, I try to spend a little bit of time outdoors sketching. Even though my finished work is mostly whimsical, it's still based on reality. Plein air sketching keeps me in training; learning to work that eye to hand connection quickly without getting bogged down with too much thought about how something "should" look. Rather I find this helps me get down what is really there, teaching me to see properly and pick and choose the essence of a subject. I always come back inside refreshed and excited that I have captured a moment in time never to occur again.

What the following sketches have taught me is how fast the sky changes where I live, all in a matter of minutes. I began looking at a monotone sky with some interesting formations beginning. A few minutes later, change along with a cacophony of crow overhead, followed by another interesting look. Then just like when Dorothy stepped outside her tornado tossed house - color from the slant of the setting sun.

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