Friday, August 12, 2016

Bumble Dreams

I don't think I've ever told you about my love for bumble bees. On those rare mornings when I get up early and take my coffee out to sit under the pergola, I often find bumbles nestled nearby, not quite awake yet. When they are between that dreaming and waking state, I like to pat them. Yes, I know, I'm a bit odd. And in the early evening, I stand under the pergola and listen to the loud hum of bumbles as they flit from trumpet vine blossom to blossom. If you put your ear to one of these blossoms when the bumble is inside, you'll hear a wonderful chattering. (I know just how long to keep my ear near the blossom before the bee emerges.)

About a week ago, I took a break from work around midnight and stepped outside to do some star gazing, a favorite pastime of mine. And near my front door, tucked into a corner of the wood siding, was a sleeping bumble. I couldn't resist of course and began to pat him. He stirred a little but went right back to his bumble sleep, maybe dreaming of  a caress from a favorite lover. At one point he stretched his back leg out and kept it there for some time.

I did a couple of rough sketches and took some pics. And with a few more pats to his furry body, I went back to the studio, wishing him sweet dreams.

I finished this painting of my dear bumble just last week, hanging a vintage star inside to represent the star studded sky from that night.  And because I used spacers, the chain "free floats" when you tilt the painting. It's titled, Dream Time.

I think I may have to keep this one.

Copyright E.M. Corsa 2016


  1. Well of course you do, you bee lover you!

  2. Oh! Miss E.M.Corsa...I have found your blog!! I'm thrilled because I have so many of your beautiful pieces of artwork. I have admired your creativity for years as I yearly travel to Nags Head to spend 2 weeks on the beach. I shall be one of your blog followers for sure...thank you for sharing!!

    1. Well, Happy Day Mail, I am thrilled we have found each other! To keep up with all the goings on at The Crooked Little House, please go to my Face Book page and Like it. I've also just opened an Etsy shop and you can get there by clicking the Shop Now button. I'm so happy we have met and thank you for taking the time to write!!!