Tuesday, August 16, 2016

In Balance

Night Work
Life is all about balance don't you think? Setting priorities, making time for a little fun while still fulfilling your other duties. I am amazed at what we all accomplish in a single week or just in a single day.

To make a living as a full-time artist requires a lot of work and a lot of balance, at least for me. I was not destined to become famous, selling my work for thousands of dollars a painting. Like most of us, I plod along, grateful for any sale no matter what the price. I offer watercolor paintings that take a lot of work, not necessarily time, but lots of effort in getting things just right. Do I sell every one? Of course not. So back to balance.

In order for me to continue to do what I love, I offer smaller treasures that are more affordable. I leave the studio for a day or two to participate in a show. I work with shops that buy wholesale. And now I have opened an Etsy shop. Instead of this adding to my work load, I find it refreshes me to switch platforms occasionally. I spend my evenings making cards, charms, tags, and my days are spent working on the creative end when I'm rested after a night's sleep. And all those smaller card and charm sales allow me to keep being a full-time artist. Plus, my work gets out to an audience that might never have found me.

It's all about balance, making time for all of it. I must be doing okay because even with a new shop and 7 more shows this year, I managed to take a couple of days off this summer during my busiest time. I think I've got it down.


* If you'd like to check out my new shop:   etsy.com/shop/EMCorsaArtShop

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