Monday, August 22, 2016

She's Got Legs

The Crooked Little House just teems with life year round. And I was so pleased to receive news that my series of insect paintings will be having their own show next Spring. So of course that means taking lots and lots of pics since I only work from my own photos.

Now one might think I need to leave home and explore the swamps and forests over the bridge, but I find The Crooked Little House provides all the reference and inspiration I could ever want or need. I have never been a fan of travel. A couple of days away is fine but I am a nester; I enjoy being home and watching all the drama that unfolds on my own barrier island.

One of my favorite sayings is embroidered and hung by my front door. It says Bloom Where You Are Planted. I couldn't agree more. Like Dorothy said, "There's no place like home."

That being said, I've been watching this little girl for a few days now. Tonight I caught her enjoying her dinner while her boyfriend watches from above, hoping for a leftover.  I have big plans for this little lady.

All Photos Copyright E.M. Corsa


  1. Spring seems like a long way away - until you begin thinking about all the paintings you'll need to have ready! Looking forward to seeing a peek at some along the way.

    1. Finally someone who gets it! I usually need at least a year to prepare for a big show but since it's going to be at the state aquarium, I decided to accept. They hosted a show of my cloudscapes a few years ago and it was such fun. I'll keep you updated!