Monday, September 5, 2016

Apres Storm

In the midst of preparing for a big show, the storm hit. Besides branches down and shingles lost, I now have a roof leak around the chimney ... sigh.

But as usual, the days after a big storm are incredibly beautiful, so I took yesterday to get outside and clean up the yard from the storm debris. My poor trumpet vine has been stripped of most of its leaves, and the cherry tree on the hill lost another of its big limbs.

I thought since I was enjoying the day so much it was the perfect time to clean out the birdhouses too. Soon enough, the birds will want to use them for shelter from the fall winds, rain and cold.

Here's pics of two of my favorite nests from the houses. The other birdhouses had wren nests; all sticks and mess that easily fall apart.

I ended the magnificent day with coffee under the pergola at twilight and sleeping with all the windows open.


  1. So sorry about the roof! Glad you didn't have major damage and hope you can get repairs done soon. Thanks for sharing the clean up pics.

  2. Our houses take a lot of abuse here as you can imagine. Just part of island life I guess. I have learned not to worry about the small stuff. In fact, I'm finally learning not to worry at all!!!

  3. Wow, tell me your secret to not worrying!!! I seem to do it about half of every day over something insignificant...destressing for me is a lifelong endeavor.

    1. I finally realized none of it really matters. All that matters is being kind, family and friends and creating art. AND, I think going through cancer put things in perspective though I don't recommend you try that. I do meditate, do Tai Chi and spend lots of time in nature. Now you know all my quirks!!!