Friday, September 2, 2016

It's Coming

He blends in with his webbing. Can you find him?

So we're in for a bit of nasty weather this weekend. I hope all my creatures at The Crooked Little House stay safe. Here's pics of my current obsession: insects. This funnel spider lives in the trumpet vine, the garden spider lives near my Camelia bush and this small barn (?) spider spends his days under the pergola wrapping up his dinners.

Her boyfriend dangles overhead; brave spider!

Breakfast, lunch or dinner.

And here is one of my favorite residents, my glass lizard. They are called that because when handled they can drop their tails like "shattered glass" leaving parts to wriggle and distract their predator while they escape. They then regrow the tail. Even though he's a legless lizard, you can tell he's not a snake by looking at his lidded eye. Beautiful creatures!

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