Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fun Art Not Fine Art

By Friday afternoon my horrid week was beginning to feel like just a bad dream. My roof is fixed, siding replaced, got a new Brother sewing machine and my computer is up and running again.

But I still felt a bit worn out and the prescription for that is going into the studio to play. My favorite medium is probably paper. I have buckets of the stuff; scraps of wrapping and decorative paper, art papers, hand made papers, etc. So I pulled all the containers out and decided to come up with some holiday offerings for my shows - affordable things adorned with my images of course. And none would be complete without a touch of glitter. This is not fine art, it is fun art.

My holiday cones have my images on the front and a bell tied on the back. They are perfect to stuff with candy or a small gift or just to hang as an ornament.

My paper hangings celebrate the season with my images, decorative papers and reproduced antique prints and charts from my collection.

Art - for the Fun of it!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Rocks in My Head

I am blanketed with challenges lately; roof repair, siding replacement, computer issues, all while dealing with a limited budget. But as always, creating art takes me to another place where I can put all that aside and forget my daily life for a while.

I've been listening to my friend Randall about learning patience and sticking with things. Because of him I have gone back to working on Yupo, and he was right. A bit of patience works wonders.

Many of you know of my fondness for rocks and minerals. I've been collecting them since childhood, toting them through adulthood along with memories of my dad and brother who taught me so much. Turns out, Yupo is the perfect "paper" to work on for this, one of my favorite subjects. So I pulled out a handful of my specimens and went to work.

Yupo, for those of you who don't know about the stuff, is a synthetic paper, basically plastic, challenging to say the least. It doesn't absorb the paint so you must manipulate it into your subject. I work with watercolors making it even more tortuous. But because it doesn't get absorbed, the colors stay true and bright. And the end results, if done right, are well worth the effort. And it's always inspiring to try new things. That's what artists do.

So here's a peek at some of my most recent efforts. I'm rather pleased!

Rainbow Flint

Botswana Pink Agate

Rainbow Agate

All artwork Copyright E.M. Corsa 2016

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Moon Magic

Last night's glorious moon, painted from my deck around 11 pm. 
I managed to get two small paintings done on Yupo.

Friday, October 14, 2016


A Night Full of Magic


I like small. I have a small car, a small house and a small desire for "things."

I am finding I also love to paint small; small birds, small insects, all done in a small scale. So I've been working on batches of smaller originals for my upcoming holiday shows and my Etsy shop.

My mini Quotable Clouds

I have created a line of small, original feather paintings, cloud paintings and mineral paintings as well as my Air Angels. It makes sense to me to go small these days. Many of my clients say they have no more wall space, and lots of younger people can't afford large original paintings. So from a sales point of view, it's a good idea.

3 by 4 inches
Small mineral paintings.

Besides, I like small.

See some of my small creations here:

Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Storm That Wasn't Supposed to Hit

Our beach road.
Well this was the storm that wasn't supposed to least not for us. For days the experts had been saying the hurricane was going to swing back in a loop and we would just get a brushing. Were they ever wrong!

With 100 mph winds, The Crooked Little House shook off lots of shingles but otherwise held tight while many of my friends were flooded and stranded.

Once the wind and rain abated, I did manage to get out and do a couple of quick paintings about half an hour ago, 5:30 pm, looking west. It's always so beautiful after a storm. The sun is crystal-bright right now and a soft wind is rustling through the trees.

The bridges are still closed so for a short time there will be very few tourists and the island once again belongs to us. I wonder if this was the plan all along; the island just needing a break from the madness.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Playing Hooky

I apologize once more dear readers for a lapse in posting. I've just come off three back to back shows so I hope you'll forgive me. But now I have a nice long break before the final rush in November and December.

I am so relieved we are going to be spared the storm this time but my son is in Florida as many of you know, so I am worried about him.

But yesterday, the weather on my island reminded me of why I love it here so much. The sun was out, the temps were in the 70s with no humidity and there was a lovely breeze. I ditched the studio and played hooky all afternoon, pruning bushes and doing the last little bit of yard work for the season.

I also dug my spot for my container water pond. It should have been an easy dig but then I hit massive roots from the ligustrum. What should have taken half an hour took much longer, but with some choice curse words and all the strength I could muster, I finished the job. These pics don't look like much now but come spring when the plants are added in the tub and around the edge, it'll be gorgeous.

A sweet lizard kept me company the whole time I was digging, and once I added the water, he hopped up on the edge to peek in. Soon he was joined by an inquisitive Carolina Wren and a wasp that stopped in for a drink. It certainly doesn't take long for wildlife to appear at The Crooked Little House.

Looks like I need to refill that feeder - again!