Monday, November 28, 2016


I am still in the  midst of holiday shows; two more to go. But I found some time to finish a project I began a while ago.

I have a fondness for old children's books. It's not the content I am drawn to. It's the covers showing cute little animals or the catchy titles that capture my imagination. The way my mind works, I envision how I would illustrate the book. So when I find one for a good price, I purchase it.

All of these books are gutted when I get them. Sorry to those of you who just gasped. Some of them become my sketchbooks. My old Winnie the Pooh has end papers of the 100 Acre Wood, so this one was perfect to use when I go to sketch in Nags Head Woods. Others become a visual story with my artwork, both original work and reproductions, based on the title of the book.

These artist books take a lot of work and a lot of time. They are not completed in a single sitting or two. And they are priced quite high because of all the work inside. So when one is sold, it's very meaningful to me.

And that's just what happened at the show this past weekend. My book, "Night" sold to a lovely woman who treated it so gently, hugging it to her chest and saying she couldn't go home without it. I'd like to share the pages of that book with you. Featured is the masked Sandman, the Tooth Fairy, the Astrologer disguised as a hare, and other snippets found in those wee hours. I even managed to add my sketch of this year's Super Moon.

All Art Copyright E.M. Corsa

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Super Moon = Super Fun

The Super Moon brought me lots of inspiration beginning with an afternoon cloud formation that took my breath away. On November 14th, around 5 pm, I glanced out my studio window to the southeast and was awestruck. Grabbing my paper, paints and brushes I dashed outside to set up in my driveway and try to capture this glorious sky.

Normally I work quite small, always have, ever since someone told me my paintings were little jewels. But for some reason I felt this sky needed to be big (big for me). So instead of the little jewels I went for the Hope Diamond and did a 16 by 20.

And of course later in the evening, around 6 pm, the super moon made its appearance. I wasn't particularly impressed with the size of her but the brightness blew me away as she climbed above the ocean. I managed a little sketch.

Now normally when I paint a cloudscape or nocturne I only work on location, never from a photograph. But I will sometimes work from a sketch though I never capture that freshness again. But it's still much more alive than it would have been if I had relied on a pic.

So here is my Super Moon painting, based on this little sketch. It too is a 16 by 20. And if you don't know this, cloudscapes and moonlights (the old term for night paintings) look best when viewed from a distance. So to get the full effect of the light, step back from your computer and look.

Art Copyright E.M. Corsa 2016

Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Little Show With Big Results

Ready to being setting up.
I had graciously been asked to join a handful of artists I had never met, in a small show I had never been to, at a library I had never seen. It was scheduled for the one weekend I had free for the rest of the year. So of course I said yes.

I knew of the work of one of the artists, pottery unlike anything I had ever seen. I knew whether I made any money or not, a piece of her work would be coming home with me. But I honestly didn't expect more than a couple of small sales. It was the wrong time of year in the sparsest location.

So I brought a little bit of everything including the inexpensive items I had been producing over the last few weeks. Not a one of them sold. But happily, I sold lots of small originals, textile items and other things I hadn't expected to move.

What a fun time it was; a lovely location, wonderful artists and old and new customers. You just never know. Thank you fellow artists for including me.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

My Best Work

My best work rarely gets seen, kept
between black covers of my sketchbooks. Everyone has heard me speak of the importance of keeping a sketchbook. I have done so for over 40 years, and stacks of them fill bookcases and closets, bursting with treasured memories of my life and my children's lives. That alone makes them valuable; looking back through the pages and remembering a certain trip, a new sighting of a bird...

The other reason I think my best work is contained within these black, spiral-bound books is that the images are fresh, something that can never be recaptured again on paper in the studio. Each drawing or sketch is dressed with sunshine, a breeze, and smells of the earth.

I have found almost all my clients are most interested in my sketchbooks, even more so than the finished work. I have been asked to sell some of them and occasionally I will if they are not personal ones. Sketching on location keeps me in practice. And it doesn't have to be outdoors. I have sketched in a doctors office, hospital, restaurant, etc.

So I'm sharing some of my favorites with you from years past. Maybe it will encourage you to get out a book and begin a sketch journal for yourself.

All Artwork Copyright E.M. Corsa 2016

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Surprise, Surprise

I rarely enter juried shows. A great deal of my work is whimsical in nature and though a judge is supposed to rule on merit and technique, my subject matter hurts me every time.

But a friend decided to enter a show and I thought I'd give it a go if for no other reason than to get some feedback on my Air Angels. They are kind of a cross between the whimsy and the more serious since they incorporate my plein air work.

The show had 218 submissions out of which only 24 were chosen and given awards. The rest of the work will not be part of the show, only the 24 pieces. And surprise, surprise, my osprey made it into the show! I must say it felt good.