Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Super Moon = Super Fun

The Super Moon brought me lots of inspiration beginning with an afternoon cloud formation that took my breath away. On November 14th, around 5 pm, I glanced out my studio window to the southeast and was awestruck. Grabbing my paper, paints and brushes I dashed outside to set up in my driveway and try to capture this glorious sky.

Normally I work quite small, always have, ever since someone told me my paintings were little jewels. But for some reason I felt this sky needed to be big (big for me). So instead of the little jewels I went for the Hope Diamond and did a 16 by 20.

And of course later in the evening, around 6 pm, the super moon made its appearance. I wasn't particularly impressed with the size of her but the brightness blew me away as she climbed above the ocean. I managed a little sketch.

Now normally when I paint a cloudscape or nocturne I only work on location, never from a photograph. But I will sometimes work from a sketch though I never capture that freshness again. But it's still much more alive than it would have been if I had relied on a pic.

So here is my Super Moon painting, based on this little sketch. It too is a 16 by 20. And if you don't know this, cloudscapes and moonlights (the old term for night paintings) look best when viewed from a distance. So to get the full effect of the light, step back from your computer and look.

Art Copyright E.M. Corsa 2016


  1. Gorgeous!!! Love them all. Our moon was so bright and looking outside to see what I could see, I saw a very large skunk walking around the yard and a very large doe walking through the neighborhood - it was a bright as day at 3 am and almost made me want to get dressed and take a walk in the neighborhood but didn't do that.

  2. Now Rhonda, you should have gone right outside and painted that skunk! Kidding of course.

  3. LOL! Yes, he was big enough and bright enough but not sure he would have posed for me but he spent quite a while foraging in the ground for grubs or something - you never know what's out there on a moonlit night! ha ha.