Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Strength of An Angel

Almost 40 years ago, before I had children and even before I was married, my husband-to-be and I spent our first Christmas together with no more than a small tree and this cardboard angel. She was the only one to be found in any of the stores that close to Christmas.

And through many holidays, she perched on the highest bough. There was never a thought of getting a different angel or star. And each year, the boys alternated as to who would have the honor of placing the paper angel atop the tree.

Times change, children grow up, marriages sometimes fail. But this angel has always found a place in my home. I no longer put up a big tree preferring to decorate with my collection of vintage tabletop trees. The boys have no problem with this as long as the angel makes her appearance - somewhere. The blue lights however will be another story.


  1. Looks lovely and some things just become tradition - they don't have to be pricey or fancy, just have a place in your heart. Wishing you the very best holiday season and much joy, love, creativity, and happiness in 2017.

    1. And I wish you and yours the same my friend.