Friday, January 20, 2017

Pond Stalker

Yes, I am proud to say I am still walking.  I have not given up as I have years past, and I now walk 5 laps around the pond behind the post office each morning. That is a bit over a mile at a brisk pace. I'm feeling great and sleeping like I used to as a teenager. And I have a stalker.

I've begun to notice this one turtle, a large,Yellow-bellied Slider that is nowhere to be seen on my first lap around the pond. But by lap two, he has appeared on his log and is looking right at the pathway as I go by. He does not look away or change position.

He watches me as I round the bend on each lap. And at the end of my walk when the show is over, he disappears beneath the water. This has been happening every single day. This morning I brought my sketch book and as soon as I was done, I grabbed my book and pencil and raced back to the spot where he resides and did a quick sketch. He posed for a few minutes then disappeared under the water once more where he no doubt tells all his friends about the old lady huffing and puffing her way around the pond. He's most likely thinking, there goes the neighborhood.

We're due for two days of heavy rain this Saturday and Sunday so I won't see him over the weekend. But I'm guessing he'll be there on Monday.


  1. Had to laugh about the turtle telling his family and friends about the old lady - he probably wonders why you don't just take it easy (like he's doing, there on his log, sunning himself), or get in the pond and swim! ha ha. I see him becoming another of your angels :). Stay safe this weekend!

    1. Ha Ha. sadly he wasn't there Monday morning. it was too cold and windy. This morning is sunny so I expect he'll be waiting for me.