Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Pond Stories

I am discovering a new love - walking. It's been a few weeks now, and I spend at least five days of the week walking around the pond behind my post office. At first, it was a chore. Then I began to look forward to it. It gives me a chance to clear my mind and be present in the moment, noticing things like the turtles and leftover cattails.

But it has now become more than that. As a reward for walking the five laps, I then get to sketch something around the pond. I have just realized I will be documenting this pond throughout every season and hopefully every year. This to me is invaluable. I will learn more about the trees and plants and life in and around the pond. I am preserving my memories of a favorite place, sketching the changes taking place on a daily basis.

I have done this once before when I painted clouds "en plein air" every day for a year. It was fulfilling. This is giving me the same feeling. And each day offers a story.

Today, there were six people walking the pond, and one by one they veered off back to their cars or other destinations. Soon I was alone. Suddenly, about 8 seagulls swooped in on one end of the pond feeding eagerly for a few minutes. I have no idea what they had found, and I had never seen them there before.

I spoke with a policeman who told me he walks miles here every day though I hadn't seen him before. He had his full uniform on and was walking in his street shoes. I learned he has done marathons wearing his complete uniform because he is proud of who and what he stands for.

Spring is inching its way onto my island. It arrives early here. The light is changing and the first, pink blush has seeped into the branches and bushes. Spring is dipping into the pond, weaving trails through the air currents, and fluttering last year's dried leaves. It even wrapped around a handsome older gentleman who offered to pose for me.

So much to learn and enjoy just by walking.

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