Saturday, January 14, 2017

Sit and Sit and Sit

I sit a lot. I am either meandering around the swamps or sitting at my worktable all day. It's the nature of my business I guess. I had thought roaming the marshes and doing yard work would suffice as far as exercise goes. But my son, the surgeon, had a long talk with me and suggested I begin a regular walking routine.
One of my favorite spots.

I complained of course; I don't have time, my hips hurt when I walk fast, It's boring, etc. He wasn't moved by my excuses. He said I could make the time and suggested I give up watching Project Runway. How dare he! Not a chance that's going to happen. He also said the pain would ease up once I got going.

As much as I hate to admit my child is smarter than I am, he was right. I now walk briskly for 30 minutes a day. The hip pain is almost gone and to defeat the boredom of walking the neighborhood, I have a little pond I love with a walkway. I have taken students here and sketched this pond numerous times. It's right behind our post office so when I check mail in the morning, I swing in and do 4 or 5 laps. And it's actually enjoyable. I put all the day to day stuff aside and breath in the fresh air, listen to the wind and watch the local otter at play.

But I will never give up Project Runway!


  1. So glad you've found a good spot to walk - it's hard when it's just treadmill boring boring stuff or a neighborhood that doesn't give you anything interesting to see along your walk. Keep up the good walking and sketching!

  2. I hate walking the neighborhood! But on weekends, when I don't go to the PO I am forced to do it.