Thursday, February 23, 2017

Into the field I go!

My first love, as most of you know, is field sketching. Nothing can take the place of being out in nature and studying your subject firsthand.

I teach a lot of workshops on location, a joy for me, and my students come away happy and fulfilled. The first question I am always asked is this: What do I bring with me in my pack.

So here goes. First off, I have a Walkstool. It is a fabulous, lightweight stool with three telescopic legs. But any lightweight camp stool would suffice. I also wear a baseball cap to help with the sun's glare. And I bring a large bottle of water for me and to use if I decide to add a splash of watercolor to my sketches.

Now for the inside of my pack. My Canson sketchbook with spiral binding is the one item I cannot live without, followed closely by my Pitt Artist Pens, F, S and assorted B tips. I also add a General's Sketch and Wash pencil, Papermate mechanical pencils, and ball point pens.

I have never taken to watercolor pencils. So I took an old watercolor container and outfitted it with my own Daniel Smith paints and a few old brushes. Can't forget the paper towels and water holder. Another old container carries a few sticks of Nupastels for some color accents. And finally, a pack of post cards. I love to do one after I'm done working in my book.

All of it fits neatly into my old thrift store bag. Of course I better not forget my glasses!

And that's it. Easy enough to carry and chock full of everything I could possibly want in the field.

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