Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Eruption of Spring

More than any other season here on my island, Spring erupts almost overnight with no regard for what the temperature may be or what the date is on the calendar. And Spring has landed.

I too feel an urgency to try to capture everything about the first few weeks before the lightning fast changes occur. I can't seem to get enough. I find I look at everything differently, even the humble little honeysuckle shoots under the pergola, their translucent "skins" drinking in the sunlight.

It's like I woke up and realized the world had turned to living color. I suppose only another artist would understand this. I am not gifted enough to write cohesively about what it feels like. But Dorothy would understand. She felt it when she landed in Munchkinland.

Herons are everywhere, tiptoeing through the marsh now that the frogs are abundant. Their heads and necks remind me of an arrow; pointing then released to strike.

Yesterday, after my morning walk at the pond, I just couldn't bear to return home and head into the studio to work. So I ambled off to Jockey's Ridge, the largest, living, sand dune on the East Coast. The new grasses closest to me were shining with greens, catching the early spring light. And a glorious cloud bank was building behind the dune to the west. I hoped I'd be lucky enough to catch those clouds in a painting when I returned home. But alas, as clouds are fleeting it didn't happen.

I did a couple of sketches and at last, finally felt full, ready to return home.

Jockey's Ridge


  1. Thanks for sharing your beautiful spring day with us in these paintings and words. Here, we had a few really unusually warm days, then today, COLD with snow coming down like white pellets for a while and then more COLD! Strange changes, indeed. Many of the fruit trees in the neighborhood are in bloom and I hope everything doesn't get damaged from the cold we'll have the next few days.

  2. From what I hear, your cold is coming to us, but after a day or two, we'll warm up again. It's so very hard to stay indoors!!!