Saturday, June 10, 2017

Beach Time

I stopped wearing a watch along with pantyhose the day I moved to my island almost 22 years ago. I haven't missed either one. I also got rid of my umbrella since our winds turn them inside out anyways. I still manage to get everywhere I need to be on time. I eat when I'm hungry, not because it's 6 o'clock, and I go to bed when I'm tired, waking up when I'm ready.

We live on Beach Time here on my island. People take their time, enjoying each day, setting their priorities. If the ocean offers up good waves, everything is put on hold to go surf, and if the fish are biting, the shops might open a bit later than advertised or close a bit earlier. It's not a life for everyone. I've seen lots of people come and leave, never able to adjust to the rhythm of the island. And I'll admit, it took me a while to get used to it myself. But now, I could never return to the life I came from.

I live by the seasons; telling time by nature. I know when the whales will be passing by the pier in the winter, and I hurry to see the bears before they settle in for the winter because the fields are barren of leftover corn. I listen to the return of the Snow Geese, sometimes honking in the dark of night as they pass over my rooftop signaling the approach of cooler weather. And the first, pink blush when sap begins to flood the tree branches reminds me that spring is nearby, waiting to make a grand entrance. July is the perfect month to see the Purple Martins come in to roost under the old Mann's Harbor Bridge making for a spectacular viewing from a boat with a vortex of birds swirling above you.

So for this post, I've selected a sketchbook page for each month of the year. I'm glad I took the time to do them since some of these places have drastically changed. These pages allow me the chance to revisit summer in the cold of winter and to recall a cool, fall afternoon on a humid day. It's a nice way to live; in the moment on Mother Nature's time.











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