Thursday, July 20, 2017

Feelin' Groovy

It's summer. I am incredibly busy with shows, commissions, filling galleries, all those things that take a lot of time to do properly. I haven't been out sketching in ages and have begun to feel my spirit dissolving bit by bit. I need to be out in nature. I cannot function in the rest of my life without getting my fix on a regular basis.

So I promised myself this morning I would take a few hours off to go walk and sketch at the pond. My Green Heron was waiting for me, watching me as I completed each lap. But when I finished and went to get my sketch bag, he flew off, laughingly squawking. No way was he going to pose for me.

Every so often I see these creatures at the pond and have wondered what they were. Today I actually had my phone with me and took a pic. After contacting a knowledgeable friend I learned this is a mole cricket. This is just one of the reasons I love working in the field. I learn a lot.

So I did a couple of sketches which I'll work from later on a piece of Yupo. And I got some exercise and learned something new.

Feelin' Groovy.


  1. Lovely sketches, and I didn't know dragonflies ever looked like that! ha ha. Glad you could get out and refresh your soul :)

  2. Ha Ha. I was totally wrong. It's a mole cricket!