Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Still Standing

They are everywhere; those things in nature that just won't give up or give in. Algae keeps creeping back into the water no matter how many times you remove it, mosquitoes never quit using you as an appetizer or evening meal and water bugs are always found scurrying across the deck after darkness falls. You must give them credit for their tenacity.

Trees too hang on for all they're worth, providing homes for forest creatures, fairies and subjects for artists to ponder and paint. Snags happen to be a favorite subject of mine to explore. (In forest ecology, a snag is a standing dead or dying tree. In freshwater ecology it is a tree, branch or other naturally occurring wood sunken in rivers or streams.)
For they are still standing, proud with their knotholes and wrinkles, stripped bark and bent posture. They are still beautiful, maybe more so as they share their life experiences. They expose themselves yet retain traces of what they once were when sap ran lustily through their veins.

Inevitably, they will fall one day as will I. But I will have captured their memories within the pages of my sketchbook, available to visit with them whenever I feel the urge. And my boys will one day find me within those very same pages.


  1. Beautiful sketches of the trees and a philosophical post about our time - and our snags - as we age :)

  2. Thanks Rhonda. I'm enjoying your posts too but just haven't gotten a second to respond.