Monday, October 16, 2017

A Tree's Wish

I love it when I stumble upon a new product and fall in love. That's just what happened to me this past week. I tried Fluid Watercolor Paper, hot press block and lost my heart to this product. I have been using one brand of paper for many years, but I have to admit, I am switching to this brand. If a tree had a wish, they would want to be this paper.

It's made in the US by Global Art Materials. The color is a soft white, and though it looks like satin, it can take some rigorous treatment. I have used all these mediums on it with great success. AND it's affordable. I don't usually promote a company but when one produces such a wonderful product, they deserve a pat on the ... block!

Here's a few examples where I've used graphite, colored pencil, ink, watercolor and pastel.

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